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Did I really say that?

No, no, no.... couldn't have been ME!

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3 May 1977

I was born on planet Earth and I still live there to this day. I am a carbon-based life form that breathes oxygen. If you were to remove my intestines and lay them end to end, I would die.

If you want to add me to your friends list, I'd prefer it if you introduce yourself when you do. Don't be offended if I don't add you back, I only add the journals of people that I know (online or off) or that I find interesting to read. I scarcely ever make friends-only entries so you won't be missing anything.

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90s, action figures, aikido, alternative, alternative rock, aminals, anime, apes, art, arthur pendragon, autumn, batman, bettie page, bodhran, books, boots, breathing, bruce lee, buell, bugs bunny, burping, bushido, candy, cartoons, chainmail, chocolate, classic rock, classical, coca-cola, complexity, costuming, cthulhu, custom action figures, dark tower, dead can dance, disney, dogs, doom, doumbek, dragons, drawing, dresden dolls, egypt, final fantasy, foo fighters, freckles, frogs, gallantry, gargoyles, gears, geeks, girls with glasses, glasses, h. p. lovecraft, hand percussion, harley-davidson, harleys, harry potter, history, hobbits, hugs, iaido, intricacies, ireland, j. r. r. tolkien, japan, jedi, ju-jitsu, kendo, king richard's faire, knights, laughing, learning, legend of zelda, listening, literature, lord of the rings, lovecraft, machinery, martial arts, marx brothers, massachusetts, medievalism, monkeys, monty python, mythology, nighttime, nine inch nails, nirvana, not acting my age, outdoors, outside, painting, papercraft, pj harvey, playstation 2, poems, poetry, reading, redheads, ren fests, resident evil, rhode island, robots, rock, rock & roll, rocks, roland of gilead, rolling, samurai, sculpting, sculpture, singing, skeleton dance, snuggles, social distortion, soul coughing, star trek, star wars, stargazing, stars, stephen king, sugar, superman, swordfighting, swords, tambourine, technology, teeth, tekken, the beatles, the cure, the dark tower, the hobbit, theatre, thinking, three stooges, tolkien, toons, toys, trees, video games, walking, water, wearing black, westerns, wii, wires, writing, zelda

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